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What are Payday Loans?

One Payday Loan

Payday loans offer individuals a place to turn when cash becomes tight and they just don’t have sufficient personal funds. These loans have short terms for when payments are due. By the next pay day borrowers are expected to make payment on the loan as well as the interest payment. Due to the nature of the service filled by these types of loans, many borrowers are financially unstable and miss payments. The more that are taken out the more the borrower will depend on them.

A payday loan works by first filling out the simply application process. This includes things such as identification, banking information and some other small details. Once approved you will receive the loan funds either immediately or withing 24 hours. This makes getting out of a financially very easy with these kinds of loan company’s. The loan company makes its profit of due interest and upfront fees. Usually these loans don’t amount to more than $500. There is a significant fee though, sometimes interest rates are as high as four hundred percent.

These companies operate under an assortment of different titles and names but they all operate in a similar manner. Giving out easy and immediate access to emergency funds. The interest rates and annualized rates are all similar as well. Many companies will take postdated checks as collateral in case a borrower defaults. Meaning defaulting and missing payments result in a paycheck disappearing. 

The very high interest rates has caused some states to begin passing regulations on the allowed interest rates. In an effort to help some borrowers get off these loans for good. Many express the dangers of these types of loans as a cause for needing legislation involved. The late fees and interest rates may make it hard for the customer of the loan to meet payments and meet monthly expenses. To make matters worse some customers will borrow from multiple different companies.

Those who turn to payday loans to get instant relief thinking its a permanent fix are hurt the most. These are the people who will continue to borrow and go further into debt until they are almost an entire weeks paycheck behind on fees and interest! That’s why it is advised you analyze your budget and look for places to tighten up before going to one of these lenders.

It can be extremely tempting to go to one of these lenders when you think there is no where to turn to. However do consider looking at your budget and start a written plan. If the borrower is using the loan for non-emergency items such a vacation, then they are in a even deeper hole. You would be better off working extra hours or budgeting a little better to save the funds overtime. If truly faced with an emergency and you use one of these lenders then its extremely important to be diligent on payments and pay more than needed that period. With that said do use these loans with caution or not at all if you can.