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How A Loan Could Help You To Keep Working

In the summertime when the sun is shining, work is abundant yet pleasant and you still have wonderful light evenings to yourself; being a freelance landscape gardener is great. In the winter however, the work dries up and the weather does the opposite. At such times I always question the wisdom of my particular career choice. I drive past people in the office and look on with envy. There are no heaters or cups of cocoa in my average workplace. But then I remember the summers and this gets me through the long winter days. This winter however, the weather was not my only nemesis.

Bad Things Happen

Have you ever noticed how everything always breaks at the same moment at the most inconvenient time imaginable? Well, this happened to me recently. As I said, winter is pretty sparse when it comes to work opportunities so anything that comes along must be grasped gratefully. We had a bit of a break in the bad weather, the usual torrents replaced by a bit of thin cloud, a reasonably mild temperature and no forecast of rain for a day or two. To make things even better, one morning I received a call from one of my more elderly clients. She said that she would like to take advantage of the clemency and get me to go in to her not inconsiderable garden and give it a winter tidy. I jumped at the opportunity and said I would be over shortly to make the most of this advantageous break.

I arrived at the house the same morning and I started to clear out all of the dead leaves and other debris that collects so quickly at that time of year. The morning’s work was fine, all of the prep-work was complete by just before lunch. She also had a pond which I laid so I started to repair some broken ornamental stonework and this took me through into the early afternoon. It was then that the problems began. It would appear that the back of my van had suffered a bit of a leak and a lot of my electrical tools were water damaged. My strimmer and lawnmower both suffered so I dried them out the best that I could and fired them up. Alas, the put-huh-put-huh sound emanating from my strimmer was not encouraging. I had to concede that it was beyond repair. The lawnmower was worse; I couldn’t get that going at all.

Without Tools I Can’t Work

So here I was at a vital job with two of my key tools out of action. My options were to give up the remainder of this job and any others until I could get my tools fixed (they were old and uninsurable), or to get a short-term loan in order to replace them and keep working. It seemed obvious to me. The problem was where to get hold of some money. Clearly I needed it as soon as possible, the same day preferably. After considering my options, I decided to go to a payday lender. I knew work would inevitably pick up in the coming weeks and I wouldn’t need a huge sum, just enough to replace the tools.

Fast, Simple and Just What I Needed to Keep Earning

The amazing thing was there was only two hours between applying for the loan and returning to the house with a new mower and strimmer. I was able to complete the job the next day and that money already went a long way towards repaying my small loan. I have now waterproofed my van; hopefully next winter won’t be quite so troublesome.

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