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Cost Cutting Tips For Your Bundle Of Joy

Whether you have just your first child or just had another addition to the tribe, although it is obviously an exciting and emotional time, you should be aware of how much you are spending moneywise. Even those of us that are usually very budget conscious with regards our money can lose their way and spend far too much when there is a new arrival.


It can be easy for us to over spend; especially as we are striving to do what we feel is right for our baby. This is of course very understandable, as parenting is a very big responsibility, one that we want to make sure that we get right. What has to be remembered though, is that spending lots of money does not equate to being a good parent. Rather than spending loads on lots of new-born clothes and toys, perhaps think to the future and start putting money aside for their education in the future.

Let me share with you some excellent tips of how you can still provide enough for your child without breaking the bank.

Look for Cheaper Alternatives!

There are so many products out there which are all produced for the baby market, with some that are of course needed and others that are not really needed at all. What you have to remember though is that in many cases some of these items you might already own in some way or another. Take baby changing tables as an example, there really is not much difference between one of these and a regular table that you have at home.

If you do come across something that is needed, always look to find a cheaper alternative or think whether or not you already have something that can do the job just as well at home.

Nothing Wrong with Going Second-hand

One thing with baby stuff is that it will all become worthless after a while to a family. Clothes will be too small, toys will be outgrown and feeding bottles will be replaced by children with food all over their faces.

For this reason there are so many items going for free almost everywhere in the world, with people literally handing out their old baby clothes and equipment to other mothers who have just had a new-born.

Why not do the same? You will surely have friends, family or neighbours that have stuff that they no longer use, so perhaps they will give it to you or sell it to you at a lower price than you would have to pay in a shop.

Buy in Bulk

Many of the consumables for your baby will be available to buy in bulk; this will cost you less in the long run. Things like nappies and baby milk is a cost that you cannot avoid, so make it cheaper by buying as much of it in bulk as you can.

Cook Your Own Baby Food

The food for babies that you can buy in the shops is very expensive, especially over the long term. Making your own food will not only be cheaper but it will also be without all of those preservatives, so it will be healthier too. All you need is a food processor and you can throw in things like fruit and vegetables to create a healthy and tasty food for your young one.

Avoid too many Toys!

When young, almost anything will amuse your child, so there really is no need to buy a bedroom full of stuff just yet. They will be just as happy playing with a piece of paper as they would a fancy rattle, they are curious and will be amazed and in awe of almost everything.

Jasmin Blunt is a blog writer who enjoys offering advice on a range parenting issues such as how to deal with tantrums and where to find a good online payday loan to cover the short term upkeep of your child’s needs.