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Landlord Insurance: How Much Cover Do I Need?

How much cover do I need? Although a great question, many landlords should be asking ‘who should provide my insurance’. The amount of cover required very much depends on the property; the provider is a much more important matter. Landlord insurance covers property owners from loss concerned with rental properties. The policy covers mainly, the …


Try debt settlement to prevent debt collectors from harassing you

Defaulting on debt payments doesn’t only affect your financial health, but your mental peace also may get perturbed. Problems gain momentum when collection agencies start pestering you. Well, government has various rules and regulations to prevent debt collectors from practicing unlawful collection tactics. Apart from learning about your consumer rights, you must also try to …


Why it is beneficial to Invest in Residential Properties in India

Real Estate market of India has been one of the preferred investment choices for the investors for a while now.  The reasons behind this trend are- quick growth in the housing market, more individuals prefer the apartment culture and the government rules aiding the developers with ambitious  projects. The trend in the real estate India …


Dolce And Gabbana Tax Evasion – High Profile Tax Evasion Cases In The Last 5 Years

The recent conviction of Dolce and Gabbana for tax evasion in Italy has drawn the attention of the world. According to prosecutors, the fashion designers, who are favorites of such celebrities as Katy Perry and Madonna, sold two of their main brands to a holding company, Gado, based in Luxumborg as a way to avoid …