You and Sheriffs vs Billionaires


We’ve learned that the I-594 campaign has sent out emails and robo-calls attacking and calling for their supporters to contact Sheriffs that oppose I-594 or support I-591, as the majority of county Sheriffs in Washington now oppose I-594 and support I-591.Nick Hanauer Post

Meanwhile, bombastic billionaire I-594 proponent Nick Hanauer is in hiding from the media after his disgusting (and now deleted) comments last Friday that “We Need More School Shootings!!!”

Here are just a few stories about it: [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK]

The I-594 campaign and Nick Hanauer both owe the public an apology for attacking Sheriffs that don’t support their badly drafted and misguided legislation and for making fun of a tragedy that would not have been affected by either I-591 or I-594.

Since billionaire gun control supporters like Nick Hanauer obviously don’t understand that his comments are in bad taste we need to politely, but firmly remind him that his sickening commentary and his politics are on the wrong side of this debate. It is time that billionaires like Mr. Hanauer hear from the public.

Please email him and let him know that you do not support his comments, or the more than million dollars he has spent attacking your rights, and owes the people of Washington an apology for his outrageous comment.

His email is

Thank you,

From The 591 Team

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